Replacing the Oil Filter in Your Toyota Sequoia

Consumers looking for power and styling will find it in the Toyota Sequoia. Room for seven passengers makes it the perfect vehicle for work or family. There is a lot of torque and power under the hood as well. The Sequoia can pull 7,400 pounds. Consider those weekend getaways with boat or camper in tow. Place a rack on top for bikes and every trail on the adventure is within reach. Toyota excels in every safety study as well. Safety features are one of the key reasons that families choose the Sequoia. 

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Air Filters

Our air filters fall into two categories: cabin and engine. For the cabin, the filter should be changed around every 45,000 miles. For the engine, the filter should be changed roughly every 30,000 miles. The requirements for vehicle makes and models will vary. The reality is that you should change the filter whenever it looks dusty or dirty. It does not mean that it needs to be changed every month. Clean filters are normally white and dirty filters have a gray appearance. 

The role of the engine’s filter is to keep out dust and dirt. Unfortunately, chaining the engine air filter is not the first thing that comes to a person’s mind. Your car manual can be the best source of advice for when an air filter needs changing. Check the filter along with scheduled oil changes. A clean air filter results in in improved gas mileage, extended engine life, and faster acceleration. While some car problems are difficult to fix, there is nothing difficult about changing the engine air filter.

Most filters are located near the top on the driver’s side under the hood. They may be secured with clamps or screws. It is as simple as removing the filter and replacing it. You have to make sure the part you order is the correct one. In many situations, replacing the air filter has an immediate effect on gas mileage. Gas mileage can improve by as much as 14 percent or higher.

Here are three benefits of replacing your engine oil filter.

1. A clogged filter will reduce air flow to the engine. Your engine will literally choke for air. When this happens, the engine’s air/fuel mixture is thrown off balance. Spark plugs will misfire and the engine will idle rough. If the fuel mixture is too rich, harmful deposits can form that look like sludge. At this point it is not uncommon for the check engine light to appear.

2. Engine repairs can be expensive and run into thousands of dollars. It makes a lot of sense to buy an inexpensive part now, rather than pay thousands later. Prolonging their engine’s life should be a top priority for everyone. The filter can trap dirt as small as grain of salt. Engine damage does not always occur from large particles. It is the small particles, the size of a salt grain, that eventually find their way to the inside of the engine and cause serious damage. 

3. Well taken care of engines can last up to 250,000 miles or more. They key is to change the oil and filters during routine maintenance. 

People know how important it is to maintain their vehicle. However, life just seems to get in the way. There is work, social time, shopping, and the kids. Basic car maintenance is the key Here are several tips to keep your Toyota Sequoia looking and running good for the duration of its life:

-Never skip your scheduled maintenance. Again, the owner’s guide is a perfect source for information and instructions.

-You can visually check your spark plugs, timing belt, radiator, and fluid levels.

-You already know the value in replacing the engine air filter. There is no down side to improving acceleration and gas mileage.

-Changing the oil is perhaps the least expensive and most important way to prolong your vehicle’s life. Also, failing to change your engine oil could void an existing warranty if the owner’s manual calls for it.

-Regularly check the engine’s cooling system. Every system in your vehicle affects every other system. When one system is down, others will soon follow.

-Make it a point to check your tire pressure and rotate the tires. Flat or worn tires can also decrease gas mileage. It might not be a bad idea to spend a few bucks and buy a tire gauge. Keep the wheels aligned as well.

-Spend time and wash your vehicle. A good looking car inspires upkeep and scheduled maintenance.

We all realize, sooner or later, that it is the inexpensive tweaks and repairs that often prevent major repairs. When you are ready to replace your air filter visit us online. Ordering online is easy, safe, and convenient. Many of our customers realize they can save money on needed parts and accessories. 

Keep your Sequoia looking sharp and clean. When you take good care of your vehicle, it will return the favor and take good care of you. Call today. We are happy to answer any questions.