Pick the Right Accessories for Your Toyota Sequoia

Since its founding in 1933, Toyota has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of Japan’s highest quality automakers. The company produces a wide range of cars, trucks, minivans and SUVs, including the Sequoia, which was first introduced in September 2000. Now in its second generation, this full-size SUV is available in two- and four-wheel drive models. Boasting one of the largest interiors in its class, the vehicle’s flexible seating can accommodate up to eight passengers for trips to Puget Sound or Olympic National Park. While the Sequoia is available in a number of trim levels featuring a variety of amenities, you can still add a touch of your own personality and style with the right combination of interior and exterior accessories. Many of these accessories are easy to install with just a few simple hand tools.

Interior Accessories

These accessories can also make the ride more comfortable, entertaining and convenient. You can take your Sequoia to a new level with name-brand Toyota accessories like simulated wood dashboard appliqués. The Seattle-area weather increases the potential of tracking a lot of water and dirt inside your SUV. It is hard to maintain standard floor mats because the cloth is difficult to clean when it is heavily soiled and stained. Keeping the interior of your Sequoia neat and clean shows pride of ownership and helps retain the vehicle’s resale value. To protect the interior, you may need to replace your carpet-style floor mats with an easier to maintain all-weather set. Whether you want to protect your upholstery from wear and stains or conceal small rips and tears, OEM seat covers can handle the task. The covers are available in a wide range of styles, materials and colors as well as models with additional foam padding and insulation. They can protect your upholstery from pet accidents, hair and claw marks so that you can take your companion animals along on scenic rides without concern about the aftermath. Entertainment accessories include stylish wireless headphones that allow passengers to watch the DVD player or listen to music. Lightweight and adjustable, they are designed to complement your rear seat entertainment system. You may also consider adding a satellite radio receiver for more entertainment options while driving your Sequoia. In addition to increasing the convenience of your SUV, cargo organizers reduce the potential of spills and keep your interior clean. Cargo nets hold items in place during stop-and-go traffic or when taking a winding road on a scenic journey across Washington State. Besides helping prevent spills, the nets keep objects from toppling and breaking. A cargo cover is custom-designed to hide objects and create secure storage area. These covers are made from durable UV- and stain-resistant materials. They are simple to install and remove. A cargo mat protects the carpet in the rear cargo compartment from dirt, spills and stains. You can easily remove, clean and reinstall the mats. It is less expensive to replace a worn cargo mat than the interior carpet of your SUV. Mounted to the roof of your SUV, a luggage carrier provides a safe means for carrying suitcases and other travel-related items that do not fit inside your SUV. Carrying luggage on top of the vehicle provides more room for passengers and reduces the potential that items stuffed inside the compartment will obstruct the driver’s view of the traffic.

Exterior Accessories

Accent and trim pieces along with a variety of exterior accessories can protect the finish of your Sequoia and undercarriage while giving it a stylish appearance. These include wind deflectors that allow you to drive with the windows down on a warm day even during a rain shower. The deflector keeps the water out so that you can stay dry and still enjoy the fresh air. Along with creating a more attractive exterior, running boards also serve a practical purpose. Mounted underneath the doors, running boards act as a stepladder to provide a safer way for occupants to enter or exit large SUVs that are positioned higher above the ground. While hood protector safeguards the hood and windshield from the impact of rocks, ice and other road debris, a front skid plate protects the bottom of your engine compartment. Doorsill protectors safeguard your lower doorframe and the vehicle’s interior from daily scrapes, scuffs and scratches. The skid-resistant surface also makes it safer to enter and exit your SUV. Bearing the model’s name, these sill protectors are designed for a precision fit. They are relatively easy to install. Mounted to the rear of the wheel wells, mudguards help protect the finish along the side of your Sequoia from road debris that is kicked up by the tires. Made from rubber or a composite material, these accessories also keep your exterior cleaner, reducing the amount of time spent detailing your SUV.

Why Choose OEM Accessories?

Toyota Sequoia OEM accessories are manufactured to the same specs as those required for factory-installed or –supplied equipment. This guarantees that OEM Sequoia accessories will fit as intended without the need for extra parts or special adjustments. Made from premium materials, they provide the performance, quality and reliability that you expect from this renowned automaker. Along with saving time and money, OEM Toyota Sequoia accessories remove the uncertainty that can arise with questionable generic products. Interior and exterior OEM accessories create a bolder look and make the vehicle more fun to drive. By keeping your SUV clean and in optimum condition, accessories also help retain your vehicle’s resale value.

Order with Confidence

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